Sunday, January 20, 2013

Henry Love

Henry's Three-Year photos.  I actually took these photos in early November, but kept them a secret for Christmas present purposes :)  Henry absolutely loves balloons, so we had to take photos with them of course....even if it got a little windy at times!  Sometimes, though, you can use bad weather to your advantage.   :)  Also had to capture his love for sweet things, which explains the enormous also worked as a great bribe--hehe.  Enjoy!
(if you want to see a larger version of the image, just click on it.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fall Follow-up

Hi there. Yikes.  Life.
Where to begin.  I thought before things got too carried away and we were well into December's numerous celebratory events (Henry's and Jesus's Birthdays)
I thought I would give everyone a brief little synopsis of the past...three months.

We went to the Buffalo Round-up in September.  Henry had a blast playing cowboy :)  In fact, he asked Santa for a cowboy hat.  I think Santa will happily oblige ;)
In October we went to the pumpkin festival downtown and had a crazy good time.  I also performed in the Black Hills Symphony Concert: Danse Macabre.  

Here is Henry bouncing away at the festival.
Riding Daddy's shoulders and watching the pumpkin catapult contest.
Riding the pumpkin train (note the crazy hair...more on that later)
As an early birthday gift for Henry, gunka and nana got us all tickets to see Sesame Street Live!  Henry LOVED it :)
Austin and I got to scope out a fun party at an art gallery downtown where my good friend Brittany and her fiance have the honor of displaying their work

Quick switch up to some crazy pumpkin carving.  
getting all the guts out.
Austin cut a slit with a real knife and then let Henry jam his plastic one in and wiggle it around a bit :)  He wanted a Jack-o-lantern with "a square eye, a circle eye, a triangle nose and one tooth"

and, finally, Henry's FIRST haircut :) things were getting just a little too weird and uncontrollable

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We have photos from that too.....and I will get them up soon as I can ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

THE lorax

Happy Halloween!   If you know Henry, then you know that he is a huuuuge Lorax fan.  He loves the book, he loves the movie, the music, pretty much all things Lorax.  So what was he for Halloween?   A Pirate!
Just kidding.
He was the Lorax.
If you don't know what that is.....then you need to go to your local library and look up Dr. Seuss.
Or just google it.

They don't really sell Lorax costumes anywhere.
So we had to make one.
Thank goodness my mom and aunt were here visiting (watching me dance at the Black Hills Symphony's Danse Macabre), so I enlisted their help.  (I might have done it on my own....but it would have taken me many sleepless nights and a lot of seam ripping)  We all worked on this Lorax costume and knocked it out in one weekend!
Of course, no Lorax costume would be complete without a truffula tree (once again, you may have to google).
 hehehehe!  Isn't Henry adorbs in orange fleece?   I used a monkey costume pattern and altered it to become more Loraxish.  i.e.  I free handed some yellow felt eyebrows and an enormous mustache instead of ears and a monkey tail.  I also decided to just go for the gold and make his trick or treat bag as well, since I had leftover Lorax fabric......and just in case someone didn't know what he was....they could just read it on his trick or treat bag :) 
 Also used leftover Lorax fabric to line the hood (remember those Lorax pillows from awhile ago?)
 Henry helped me make the truffula tree, and we really had fun with it!  We made it from a pink feather boa (henry's choice) a dowel, some paint, a terra cotta pot, a florist block and a styrofoam ball.  (we wanted to use real tree branches....but that didn't quite work :)
 "plant a truffula, treat it with care"   :)
 Henry's speech for the night was "Trick or treat please, I am the Lorax I speak for the trees"
 it was the first year he really got into it...and the candy
 I couldn't resist.....we needed some photos with our inspiration :)
 ......and a little more candy

it doesn't end there.  because I had my sewing machine out, I had to try something that I saw on pinterest that looked super easy (and it actually was).  I picked up some extra felt when I bought fabric for Henry's Lorax costume and a cheapo hoodie.  Then, when the Lorax was done, I created a little dinosaur hoodie for fun :)  He loves wearing it, stomping around, and saying raaaaaaawr  :)
 He insisted that he wear it pulled over his bike helmet :)
 investigating things.
 my sweet dino boy.
If you're curious: here is the link for the dino hoodie: